Best representatives to serve society

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Today people in every part of the country are busy with the elections, voting for the new members in the Municipal Council who will represent their Wilayats. Citizens have placed their trust and faith on the candidates with the hope they will be responsible representatives in the council. Apparently, everyone is anticipating that those candidates will always spare no effort striving to support society and its people conveying their demands and needs to the authorities.
This day marks another significant milestone in the history of the nation. On this day, people of the same neighbourhood come together to nominate their representative in the government. This man will be their face and forefront; he would be the support and push whenever needed. As people have trusted him from the beginning, they will always rely on him to get their voices transformed to the concerned government bodies. To them, the candidate is their way out to get heard and supported by the government.
The expectations are high on all those representatives who have promised to be good ambassadors to their people. Therefore, by nominating themselves, it’s a pledge that they become reliable, responsible and trustful representatives. Otherwise, they have no right to take the responsibility and get onto the list of nominees. It’s a big responsibility indeed.
Not everyone can shoulder this responsibility and make impossible promises to people who have believed in him and supported him to compete with other candidates and eventually win the election game.
Likewise, all those coming today to nominate their representatives should be responsible and honest when nominating candidates. Their calls really count. If they are not serious when selecting the right candidates, then it becomes an unfair process of election.
They should nominate the one who serves to bring the best to the people and country alike. People should not nominate candidates for the sake of getting personal advantage or interest in return.
On the other hand, today candidates are impatiently waiting for the authorities concerned to release the final results and declare the winners’ names. For them, it is the moment to make their day or lose the dream they have been chasing.
Nobody knows what each candidate is planning to do once he wins. True, it is a golden opportunity. It’s a great competition indeed, so people should be responsible.
Unfortunately, instead of all people coming together to vote for the right candidate, they get into unhealthy competition. Sometimes they nominate friends or relatives for some hidden reasons that serve personal interest. Then, the competition becomes a dirty game.
Hopefully, today’s competition and fight comes for the sake of bringing about the best for both citizens and nation. These days, most people are voting to the right candidates as they are much aware and select the right candidates to represent them.
Dear candidates, either you confidently and honestly compete with others or you better step aside to let the right candidate get an opportunity to responsibly serve the nation. If you are willing to work towards achieve the common and key objectives of the municipal council, then be more transparent with the people so they can trust you and lend you a hand of support.
If that is what you are after, then undoubtedly people will join their hands together to nominate you and get elected. Believe me, all what the society needs is a man with a mission and a man of words who will be a honest and responsible ambassador of the government.
Therefore, either you make promises or break them so you become dishonest and unreliable man in society. Never let people down!