3 arrested for poaching Arabian Tahr at Oman nature reserve

MUSCAT: Three people have been arrested for hunting Arabian Tahr in the Jabal Qahwan Nature Reserve in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate, a statement from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) said. It added that the accused has been referred to the competent authorities and legal action will be taken against them. As per the law, anyone who intentionally kills, hunts or smuggles any of the animals or birds described above shall be deemed to be in violation of the provisions of Royal Decree No 6/2003 on the law of nature reserves and the conservation of wildlife. Penalties include imprisonment for a period not less than six months and not more than five years and a fine not less than RO 1,000 and not more than RO 5,000 or either of these penalties. MECA has urged people to report wildlife law violations on 24696333.