2019 Toyota Avalon supports Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa

Toyota unveiled the fifth generation of its flagship sedan, the 2019 Toyota Avalon. Toyota has not only given the upcoming model a design makeover but has added a host of new features, including support for Apple CarPlay, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa and Qi Wireless Charging. In January, the Japanese automaker announced that the fifth generation of the Avalon would be the first Toyota model to come equipped with support for Apple CarPlay. Toyota is one of the last automobile manufacturers to include the in-car infotainment systems in its vehicles. Along with CarPlay support, the upcoming sedan also comes with support for Android smartwatches and Apple Watch. With the help of Toyota’s Remote Connect app, users can remotely lock/unlock the doors, start the engine of the Avalon, and even check where your vehicle was last parked right from their wrist.