1,300 cylinders rejected as unfit

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT:  Dec. 17: A total of 1,309 LPG cylinders have been rejected between January and October this year as they are damaged, said the Commerce and Industry Department of South Al Batinah Governorate which represents the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
A total of 6,909 cylinders, both 108 litres and 48 litres, had been received for examination during the period to ensure they conform to Omani standard specifications. The remaining 5,600 cylinders were cleared for use.
The cylinders were examined in collaboration with specialised companies working in the governorate.
Ahmed bin Salem al Shukaili, Director of Commerce and Industry Department in Rustaq in South Al Batinah, said the cylinders must adhere to Oman’s standard specifications.
“The cylinders are examined for rust, leak and dents as well as subjected to hydraulic pressure tests,” he said.
The objective is to ensure the cylinders conform to standard specifications vis-à-vis transport, trade and storage for the safety of customers.
Al Shukaili said a cylinder should not exceed a specified period for examination, which will ensure the valve and base are free of defects and there is no leak.
The cylinder should have a “unified colour” that reflects thermal radiation and does not get affected by direct sunlight. Grey silver colour has been recommended for the cylinders.
Flame should not be used for checking leaks. Cylinders should not be exposed to any external fatigue during transport or storage and they should be stored in covered and airy places.