12,035 tourists visit frankincense land sites in Dec

SALALAH:  As many as 12,035 tourists visited the frankincense land sites in the Governorate of Dhofar last December, according to the statistics released by the Department of Frankincense Land Sites in the office of His Majesty the Sultan’s Advisor on Cultural Affairs. While Al Baleed Archaeological Park and Museum of the Frankincense Land received 7,435 visitors, Samharam archaeological sites received 3,305 tourists. Wadi Dokka received 828 visitors and Wabar site received 467 visitors. The office of the Advisor on Cultural Affairs is developing a number of archaeological sites and providing them with utilities to promote tourism in Dhofar. The Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Samharam and Wadi Dokha are registered sites on the Unesco World Heritage List under the name Land of Frankincense sites. — ONA