111,313 surgeries, 50,883 major operations performed in public hospitals last year

A total of 111,313 surgeries, including 50,883 major operations, were performed by hospitals and health centres across the Sultanate in 2016, according to statistics from the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
Khoula Hospital carried out the maximum number of major operations (8,644), accounting for approximately 17 per cent of major operations carried out in the Sultanate.
A total of 12,798 surgeries were conducted in the health centres, accounting for 21.2 per cent of the minor operations in 2016.
NCSI’s Health Statistics Bulletin said the Ministry of Health’s outpatient clinics registered 15,616,509 outpatient visits, including 14,801,984 Omani patients and 814,525 expatriate patients visits.
The bulletin revealed outpatient clinics in the private sector recorded 4,014,725 visits, including 2,051,481 Omani visits and 1,962,776 expatriate patients.
The bulletin indicates the number of hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health across governorates reached 49 with 5,034 beds, while the number of health centres reached 23 complexes and 183 health centres.
The number of employees in these institutions was 39,197 and the number of doctors 5,875, which includes 2,455 specialists and consultants. The number of dentists was 323.
The number of pharmacists was 526 and the number of nurses 14,587.
The number of physiotherapists was 349, X-Ray technicians and radiographers 774.

The number of health workers in the other government agencies was 4,332 in the hospitals of the Royal Oman Police (ROP), PDO, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and the Diwan of Royal Court.
In the private sector, the number of hospitals was 19 hospitals with 666 beds. The number of medical centres and private compounds stood at 236 and the number of general clinics 304. The number of Chinese and Indian clinics was 48 and private clinics 158.
The number of specialised clinics was 344 and dental clinics 251.
There are 27 private medical laboratories, seven magnetic resonance diagnostic centres and 672 private pharmacies. — ONA